Spray dryer model
Spray dryer model


Centrifugal Spray Dryer and Two-Fluid Spray Dryer are two common spray drying equipment. They have some differences in operating principles, application fields and process characteristics.

Spray principle:

Centrifugal spray dryer: In the centrifugal spray dryer, the liquid material passes through a rotating centrifugal disk, and the material is sprayed into the hot air flow by centrifugal force to form tiny droplets, which are then instantly evaporated in the hot air flow to complete the drying process.

Two-fluid spray dryer: A two-fluid spray dryer uses two media, usually a gas and a liquid. Gas passes through a nozzle to spray the liquid into small droplets, which are then dried in a stream of hot air.

Applicable materials:

Centrifugal spray dryer: suitable for various liquid materials, including solutions, suspensions and emulsions. It has good adaptability in various industrial applications.

Two-fluid spray dryer: It is suitable for materials that are difficult to form fine droplets through a single gas injector, such as liquids with high viscosity or high solid content, as well as some materials that have higher requirements on particle shape and size.

Yield and particle size control:

Centrifugal spray dryer: Usually suitable for small and medium-sized production, with more flexible control of output and particle size.

Two-fluid spray dryer: Due to the use of two media, two-fluid spray dryers are generally suitable for large-scale production. It usually has good particle shape control capabilities, and can achieve precise control of particle shape by adjusting operating parameters such as nozzle parameters.

Energy consumption:

Centrifugal spray dryer: Generally, it is relatively energy-saving because its operating principle is relatively simple.

Two-fluid spray dryer: Due to the need to process two media at the same time, the energy consumption is relatively high.

Operational stability:

Centrifugal spray dryer: relatively simple to operate, high stability and easy to control.

Two-fluid spray dryer: Since it involves the simultaneous processing of two media, the operation can be relatively complex and requires tighter control.


Centrifugal spray dryers are widely used due to their wide applicability, high throughput and particle control capabilities. Two-fluid spray dryers have advantages and strong adaptability when processing some complex, high-viscosity or high-solid-content materials, but they need to pay attention to energy consumption.

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