What are the equipment use for mixing of powder?

V-Type Mixers

These have a V-shaped container that causes the powder to circulate and tumble when rotating, achieving mixing.

Drum Mixers

Cylindrical containers rotate around a central axis, causing the powder inside to tumble and mix.

Ribbon Mixers

Horizontal troughs with spiral ribbon mixers move the powder radially and axially, achieving mixing.

Double Cone Mixers

Two cone-shaped ends are connected by a cylindrical section, allowing the powder to mix as the apparatus rotates.

Fluidized Bed Mixers

Powder is made fluid-like by air passing through a bed layer, facilitating mixing.

Planetary Mixers

Mixing blades rotate around multiple axes within a container to achieve uniform mixing.

High-Shear Mixers

High shear forces are created by rotating blades or a rotor-stator configuration to ensure thorough mixing.

Drum Mixers

Powder is mixed by rotating drums.

single arm Powder Mixer

Single Arm Powder Mixer

Single Arm Powder Mixer are commonly used in various industries to mix dry powders or granules evenly. They feature a V-shaped chamber where powders tumble and mix as the blender rotates. This design encourages powders to converge towards the center, ensuring effective blending. Operators load materials through a top opening and discharge the blended powder through a bottom outlet. Adjustments can be made to blending time and rotation speed for desired consistency. V-Blenders find applications in pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, and cosmetics for tasks like tablet formulation, food ingredient mixing, cosmetic powder homogenization, and chemical blending.

double arm Powder Mixer

The double-arm mixer is an industrial equipment primarily used for mixing, blending, grinding, and processing various substances, including liquids, powders, slurries, and high-viscosity materials. It finds wide applications across industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, cosmetics, and coatings. Featuring two mixing arms, these devices facilitate the thorough blending of ingredients within a sealed vessel. Their design and operation enable effective homogenization of diverse components to meet specific production requirements.

double arm Powder Mixer