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What is Butane Extraction?

BHO stands for Butane Hash Oil, which is a method used to extract the active compounds from cannabis. It involves using butane as a solvent to extract THC and other compounds from the plant material, resulting in a sticky oil or honey-like substance commonly referred to as cannabis oil or honey oil.

How is BHO extracted?


Begin by gathering all the necessary materials and equipment, including cannabis plant material, butane gas canisters, extraction tubes (usually made of stainless steel or glass), filters, containers, etc.


Place the cannabis plant material into the extraction tube, typically finely ground cannabis flowers or dried plant parts. The bottom of the extraction tube should have a filter to prevent impurities from entering the extract.


Inject butane gas into the extraction tube, allowing it to dissolve the active compounds from the cannabis. The butane passes through the cannabis material, carrying the compounds out, forming a mixture of butane and cannabis components.

Collecting the extract

Collect the mixture of butane and cannabis components into a container. During collection, the butane evaporates, leaving behind a sticky oil-like substance containing the active compounds of cannabis.


The collected extract typically undergoes purification to remove residual butane and other impurities. This can be achieved through heating or using other techniques.

Final processing

Finally, the processed cannabis oil or honey can be used for smoking, ingestion, or other purposes. In some cases, further processing may be done to obtain specific cannabis products.

House Extensions

BHO extraction can be potentially dangerous since butane is a highly flammable gas. Careful attention to safety measures is essential during the extraction process.

BHO Extractor


lt is a low-temperature liquid circulation equipment using mechanical refrigeration,which can provide constant flow and constant pressure circulating cooling liquid toreduce the operating temperature of the instrument.

Recirculating Oil Bath

A circulating oil bath is a lab device for heating and maintaining a constant temperature in reaction solutions. It includes a heater and a system that circulates heated oil through the reaction vessel, ensuring consistent temperatures for precise lab work.

recirculating oil bath
solvent recovery pump

Solvent Recovery Pump

A recovery pump is a device that moves liquids or gases from one place to another. It’s often used to reclaim or treat substances like solvents in industry or wastewater in treatment plants. These pumps come in different types, like centrifugal or vacuum pumps, depending on the specific need.

Vacuum Oven

A vacuum oven is an oven that operates under reduced pressure, usually below atmospheric levels. This setup lowers the boiling points of substances, making it ideal for drying delicate materials or extracting solvents from samples without subjecting them to high temperatures. Vacuum ovens find common use across industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and materials science for tasks such as drying, curing, and degassing.

vacuum oven
vacuum pump

Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump removes gas from a closed system to create a vacuum. It’s commonly used in various fields like science, industry, and labs to achieve specific conditions or processes requiring low pressure environments.

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