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Why are solventless extracts better?

Product Quality: In some cases, solvent-free extraction may yield higher-quality products as it doesn’t introduce solvent residues or produce solvent-related by-products.

Environmentally Friendly

Solvent-free extraction is generally more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t produce volatile organic compound emissions that can be harmful to the environment and health, unlike organic solvent-based extraction.

Purity of Product

Solvent-free extraction may better maintain the purity of the extracted compounds since it doesn’t introduce external solvents. This is crucial for industries like pharmaceuticals and food where high purity is required.


Solvent-free extraction can reduce production costs as there’s no need to purchase, handle, or process solvents, nor is there a need for solvent recovery and disposal.


Solvent-free extraction is typically safer than using organic solvents, which can pose risks to operators and the environment.

Ice Maker Machine

It is a device used tomake ice cubes orother forms of ice.

Ice Maker Machine


It is a cryogenic liquidcirculation device, mianly tokeep the water cold.

Vortex trichome separator

The Vortex Trichome Separator is a solvent-freeseparation device which isparticularly useful for makingproducts like bubble hash.

The AutoSieve - Hash Collection System

Collect & Filter Tank

The Nest is an 85 gallon collect, filter and recirculationvessel, essentially creating a “Closed Loop” environ-ment for your process. And it features three filter plateand fire up the pump to move the water back into yourtrichome separator for the next wash.

Freeze Dryer

It is a device for thefreeze-drying process. lt is commonly used toconvert liquid or wetsubstances(e.g. food,drugs, biologicalsamples, etc.) into a drysolid form.

freeze dryer
Rosin Press Machine

Rosin Press Machine

It is a device used to extract plant resins. Byapplying high temperatures and pressures, theresin is forced to separate from the plantmaterial, resulting in a viscous liquid.

How do you make solventless extracts?


Select Suitable Raw Materials

Start by choosing raw materials that are suitable for solvent-free extraction. These can be plant materials such as flowers, leaves, roots, fruits, or other substances containing the desired compounds.


Prepare the Raw Materials

Process the selected raw materials appropriately, which may involve removing impurities, drying, or chopping. Ensure that the raw materials are in a suitable state for extraction.


Mechanical Pressing

Place the processed raw materials into a mechanical pressing device. This equipment can be either manual or automatic. Apply pressure, typically through a press or screw press, to extract the desired compounds from the raw materials.


Collect the Extract

Gather the extract pressed out from the raw materials. This may require appropriate collection equipment such as containers or collection tubes to gather the flowing extract.


Process the Extract

Depending on the requirements, further processing of the collected extract may be necessary. This could include filtration, purification, or concentration to obtain the final desired product.