Glass Reactor

A typical glass reactor comprises a glass vessel, heating equipment (such as an electric heating mantle or oil bath), cooling apparatus, stirrer, temperature, and pressure control systems. They can be equipped with different types of stirrers, such as mechanical or magnetic stirrers, to ensure thorough mixing of reactants during the reaction process.

Stainless Steel Reactor

 Stainless steel reaction vessel is a container made of stainless steel, commonly used in industrial chemical processes for various reactions like mixing, heating, cooling, dissolving, and crystallization. Stainless steel, known for its corrosion resistance, is the preferred material for making these vessels, ensuring durability and safety. They find widespread applications in pharmaceuticals, chemical, and food processing industries.

High Pressure Reactor

High-pressure reaction vessel is equipment used for chemical reactions under high-pressure conditions. It consists of a vessel, heating/cooling systems, a stirrer, and safety devices. It accelerates reaction rates, improves yields, and finds applications in chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals for various processes like organic synthesis and catalysis.

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