What is a rotary tablet press?

A rotary tablet press is a piece of equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry to compress pharmaceutical powders or granules into solid tablets. Its working principle is to compress pharmaceutical powder or granules into solid tablets through rotational motion. Compared with traditional single-punch tablet presses, rotary tablet presses have a rotary working principle. Features of rotary tablet […]

What is the difference between a single-punch tablet press and a rotary tablet press?

The main differences between single-punch tablet presses and rotary tablet presses are as follows: Tablet press working principle: Single-punch tablet press: A single-punch tablet press has only one impact system, that is, only one working position. The powder is placed in a mould, which is then compressed into tablets in a single press. Rotary tablet press: […]

How does the tablet press work?

Introduction to the principle of tablet press: The working principle of the tablet press is based on the mechanical principle of the compression process. Its basic principle is the process of using pressure to compress pharmaceutical powder or granular materials into solid tablets in a mold. Working principle steps of the tablet press: Loading: First, the pharmaceutical […]

What is single-punch tablet press machine?

  Introduction of single-punch tablet press machine : Single punch tablet press machine is a small automatic tablet press. In the pharmaceutical industry, it compresses drug powder into solid tablets. In a single-punch tablet press, the pharmaceutical powder and excipients are first loaded into the mold through the feed port. The tablet press then compresses them into solid tablet […]

What is the process of spray dryer?

The spray process of a spray dryer is a crucial step during which liquid materials undergo transformation into tiny droplets using atomization technology. This step significantly influences the size and shape of the final particles. Here are the key steps involved in the spray process of a spray dryer: Liquid Supply: Initially, the liquid material […]

Which is better, freeze dryer or spray dryer?

Spray dryers and freeze dryers are two different drying technologies, each with different advantages and applicable scenarios. Which one is better depends on the specific application needs, material properties and production process requirements. Here are some key factors comparing the two: Cost: Spray dryers: Typically low-cost equipment, they are usually relatively energy-efficient because the process speed is faster […]

What is the difference between Centrifugal Spray Dryer and Two-Fluid Spray Dryer?

  Centrifugal Spray Dryer and Two-Fluid Spray Dryer are two common spray drying equipment. They have some differences in operating principles, application fields and process characteristics. Spray principle: Centrifugal spray dryer: In the centrifugal spray dryer, the liquid material passes through a rotating centrifugal disk, and the material is sprayed into the hot air flow by centrifugal force […]

How to choose a spray dryer?

When selecting a spray dryer, there are a number of factors to consider to ensure the equipment you choose meets your production needs and process requirements. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a spray dryer:   Material properties:  Different materials will have different needs during the spray drying process. Consider the characteristics […]