Introduction of single-punch tablet press machine :

Single punch tablet press machine is a small automatic tablet press. In the pharmaceutical industry, it compresses drug powder into solid tablets. In a single-punch tablet press, the pharmaceutical powder and excipients are first loaded into the mold through the feed port. The tablet press then compresses them into solid tablet shapes in one pressing action. After compression, the tablets are ejected from the mold and can be collected or further processed.

single-punch tablet press machine
single-punch tablet press machine

Features of single-punch tablet press machine :

Lower cost:

Relative to multi-punch tablet presses or other high-efficiency tablet presses, single-punch tablet press machines are generally less expensive. Suitable for businesses or individuals with a lower budget or those trying it for the first time.

Simple structure:

Single-punch tablet press machines usually have a simple structure, consisting of a die and an upper and lower pressing plate, and are relatively easy to operate. There is only one impact system, that is, there is only one working station for pressing the pharmaceutical powder.

Easy to maintain:

Due to its simple structure, single-punch tablet press machines are usually easy to maintain and clean, and maintenance costs are relatively low.

High flexibility:

Single-punch tablet press machines usually have high flexibility in debugging and adjusting parameters, and are suitable for different types of pharmaceutical formulas and tablet shapes. It is the first choice for new product development.

Low production efficiency:

Since there is only one mold, only one piece can be pressed at a time. The production efficiency of a single-punch tablet press machine is relatively low. It is suitable for small-scale production or tablet manufacturing in a laboratory environment, and cannot meet the needs of large-scale production. demand for large-scale production.

Suitable for small-scale production:

Due to its simple structure, easy operation, and low production efficiency, single-punch tablet press machines are usually suitable for small-scale production, such as laboratory environments or small pharmaceutical companies.


In general, the single-punch tablet press machine is a common basic tablet press with the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, and low cost. It is suitable for small pharmaceutical companies or R&D institutions.

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