Working Principle and Application of Double Layer Glass Reactor

2016-11-24 10:45:00
Summary : Double layer lab glass reactor is the ideal equipment for new material synthesis. Henan Lanphan lab glass reactor owns high quality and widely sold all over the world.

Double layer lab glass reactor is the ideal equipment for new material synthesis, it is often applied in petrochemical and biopharmacy. Operator is able to observe the entire reaction process through the transparent glass vessel, convenient operation makes it easy to discharge the material from bottom of reactor bottle. The interlayer of double layer glass reactor can be injected into various hot and cold circulating liquid (hot water/hot oil/refrigerating fluid) in the sealed glass container.

lab glass reactor

Henan Lanphan Lab Glass Reactor

Lanphan double layer glass reactor adopts double-layer glass design, put reaction solvent in internal layer to do stirring reaction. Under set constant temperature condition, you can conduct stirring reaction under normal or negative pressure in airtight glass reactor, as well as conducting backflow and distillation of reaction solution. Henan Lanphan double layer lab glass reactor is an ideal pilot test and production equipment for modern fine chemical engineering, biological pharmacy and new material synthesis. The glass reactor mainly contains following parts: double layer glass reaction kettle, a set of component cover of lab glass reactor, condenser, constant voltage funnel, frequency conversion controller, rotate stirring and sealing system, stainless steel frame system, etc.

Lanphan double layer glass reactor is able to conduct following experiments:

1. Vacuum stirring reaction;

2. High and low temperature reaction;

3. Constant speed operation blending reaction;

4. Distillation, backflow, concentration;

5. Negative pressure operation, skimming function;

6. Rectifying by assembling rectifying column;

7. Phytoextraction has better process effect in concentration;

8. Stirring separating, equipping with skimming device, effect is obviously;

9. Conduct reaction and production of ultrafine powder, sanitation class made medicine is extremely clean;

10. Be able to replace rotary evaporator to do high purified material concentration, equipped ultrasonic stirring reduced reaction time multiple;

11. No matter separate or compound, convenient to charge, easy to handle.

Henan Lanphan is a professional lab instruments manufacturer, should you have any needs about lab instruments, please contact us!

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