Safety Tips for Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers

2016-12-21 14:25:00
Summary : Hotplate stirrers also known as magnetic hotplate stirrers, are the lab instrument to mix liquid, mainly used for stirring liquid of low viscosity or solid-liquid mixture. Following is the safety tips for magnetic hotplate stirrers.

Hotplate stirrers also known as magnetic hotplate stirrers, are the lab instrument to mix liquid, mainly used for stirring liquid of low viscosity or solid-liquid mixture. Because the magnetic hotplate stirrer s can process at extremely high temperature, users must pay more attention to avoid burns and damage to adjacent lab equipment and possible injury to person. The caution is much more stronger when mixing large samples such as 10L when spills due to a cracked or broken beaker could spread over a wide work surface area damaging adjacent equipment and possibly causing injury to personnel.

magnetic hotplate stirrer

Lanphan ZNCL-BS magnetic hotplate stirrer

Users working with magnetic hotplate stirrers should take two simple steps to reduce accidental spillage prior to filling flasks. One is making certain that the flask is completely clean. The second is checking the flask for cracks or scratches. Note that scratches may develop at the interface between the rotating bar magnet and the interior base of the flask or beaker.

These magnetic hotplate stirrers are designed and built to anticipate and respond to situations that could cause an accident in the lab. The features are especially important when experiments are conducted at high temperatures over a long period of time and are often left unattended by lab personnel. It starts with a system-wide check of all safety function once the unit is switched on. As stirring proceeds response mechanisms include:

1. A shut down if the magnetic hotplate stirrers exceeds the programmed temperature.

2. Failure of the magnetic hotplate stirrers temperature sensor.

3. Overheated equipment shell.

4. Magnetic hotplate stirrers triac failure.

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