Introduction to the principle of tablet press:

The working principle of the tablet press is based on the mechanical principle of the compression process. Its basic principle is the process of using pressure to compress pharmaceutical powder or granular materials into solid tablets in a mold.

Double-layer two-color rotary tablet press
Double-layer two-color rotary tablet press

Working principle steps of the tablet press:


First, the pharmaceutical powder or granular material to be compressed is placed into the feed port or hopper of the tablet press. To ensure the fluidity and moldability of the pharmaceutical powder, lubricants or molding accessories can be added if necessary.

Filling and compaction:

Pharmaceutical powder or granular materials are filled into the mold through the filling device of the mold. The shape and size of the mold is usually designed based on the desired tablet shape.

Once the filler is in place, the upper and lower molds close and pressure begins to apply.


When the upper and lower molds are closed and sufficient pressure is applied, the powder or granular material will be subjected to strong pressure and pressed into the shape of a solid tablet. This pressure is usually generated by a mechanical device or hydraulic system.

During the pressing process, the particles in the powder or granular material are squeezed together and bonded with excipients (such as lubricants) to form a strong tablet structure.

The compression parameters of the tablet press include pressure, tableting speed, die size, etc. The selection of these parameters has a significant impact on the quality and performance of the final tablet.

Loosen the mold:

The formed tablets are discharged from the mold, usually through discharge openings in the top or sides of the mold. And the produced tablets are collected and transported to the next production stage, usually on a conveyor belt .


The pressing principle of the tablet press is actually to apply high pressure to the powder or granular material in the mold to form a solid tablet structure. Tablet press design and operating parameters (such as pressure, speed, mold shape, etc.) affect the quality and efficiency of tableting.

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