Marine Carousel

Marine Carousel

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  • Colorcustomized
  • OriginZhengzhou, Henan, China

Marine Carousel is a kind of carousel in the form of sea animals. It consists of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders and makes visitors feel like playing in the sea world. 

Products Introduction:

What do you know about carousels? The carousel (also referred to as merry-go-round) is a kind of amusement rides consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders and the seats are traditionally in the form of rows of wooden horses or other animals mounted on posts. As for most of the merry-go-rounds for sale, the seats can be moved up and down by gearwork to simulate galloping, to the accompaniment of looped circus music. In this way, combined with the particular and novel design, the carousel of our company is attractive! Especially, kids and adults love to ride on the carousels to enjoy themselves. 

Products Advantages:

We take pride in providing our customers with the utmost quality of craftsmanship, the unique aesthetics of its experienced artisans; and the dream-like quality of the wooden and fiberglass carousel. Each merry go round carousel for sale is completely custom designed, from the colour, the configuration, the seats, the carousel horses for sale, etc. Each design of our company’s merry-go-rounds can reflect different customer’s request. Besides, we also provides various types of carousel animal for sale, including the carousel horse for sale full size.
The magic and beauty of the fairground carousel for sale with the blinking lights, imaginative creatures, swirling colors and dashing horses continues to capture adventure in fantasy from the oldest and youngest of generations. 

Characteristics of Our Carousels:

1.The merry go round carousel for sale is manufactured in a variety of sizes, even the grand double decker carousels for sale.
2.The species and number of our merry go round animals for sale can be customized and you can have more choices when buying carousels for sale.
3.All carousels for sale include hot-galvanized steel frame ball bearing mounted rotating components, and hand painted decorations.
4.Our carousel ride for sale is attractive in appearance and vivid in color.
5.Strong performance, high quality and the long service life.

How to Order:

1.You can contact us by QQ, telephone and online message. You can also visit our factory. (we will offer you the shuttle and accommodation.)
2.We will offer you a professional investment analysis freely according to your budget, region, consumption crowds and competitive environment and so on. (we will freely provide you with CAD planning drawing, planar effect picture or reality images picture for your site planning.)
3.After confirming the parameter, price and type and other elements, sign the contract and pay a deposit of 30%, then, our factory will begin to produce.
4.When finishing the production within the time limit and passing the detection of quality inspection department, you can come to our factory or through picture and video to check the products and pay the remaining payment.
5.We will help you contact the transport company for the consigning and make sure it is safety and quick. (you can contact the transport company by yourself.)
6.Our technicians will offer you a on-site installation freely and equipment maintenance training.
7.We ensure you a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. 
8.Since the products come into use, our customer service representative will call the customers asking for the product operation, providing guidance and gathering comments and suggesti

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