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You can find four types of rubber sphere here at Henan Lanphan: single sphere rubber expansion joints, twin sphere rubbe...
Rubber duckbill check valve is the corollary pipe fitting for pump outlet, it has various merits of no noise, low open r...
Knowing the features of commonly used rubber material is necessary when choosing the best suited rubber expansion joint.
Each rubber expansion compensator will be strictly inspected before leaving factory and delivery to customers. What ins...
Lanphan rubber reducing expansion joints is the best piping solution for diameter changes of pipes, generally we produce...
Last time we introduce the fabric expansion joint and reasons to choose it. Wish it helps you to better know about the f...
Corrosion and efficacy lost are two major causes for service life shorten of the bellows expansion joint. How many corro...
1403   2017-09-05

What is Butterfly Valve?

Butterfly valve is a disk-shaped butterfly plate who rotate around its axis within valve body, in this way to start and ...
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