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It is strict to select material for stainless steel expansion bellows, because material selection is related to many cru...
This article is a brief introduction of the performance characteristics of teflon bellows expansion joint.
Rectangular bellows have various applications in chemical, steel, refining, petrochemical and power industries. Do you k...
As a metal bellows manufacturer, we suggest customers to take good insulation measures to metal bellows in cold winter.
What’s the function of stainless steel bellows expansion joint? Generally speaking the functions are absorbing vibration...
Corrugated bellows expansion joint has a extremely wide application area, today we will talk about the application in bl...
Do you know how to connect the flexible braided hose to pipelines? Henan Lanphan introduces the three connection methods...
Rubber flexible joint, rubber expansion joint or rubber joint, as one most important member of pipe connector family, is...
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