Lanphan Presents You the Most Popular Amusement Rides—Water Park

2016-02-29 14:39:00
Summary : One of the most popular summer amusement equipment – Water Park, will hug its ROI peak season with the soaring temperature.
Recently air temperature is rising in an extremely high speed that Lanphan fellows haven’t get ready to take off their down coats. Imagine that you can have a refreshing “swimming party” in the hot summer, is there any reason for you to say no?

Water Park Operation

Water Park

Henan Lanphan recommends that amusement equipment sellers should make summer facilities investment plan in advance from the consideration of the popularity of Water Park in 2015.
In 2015, the especially crowded condition in Water Park gives every amusement equipment seller a gratifying profit, from which we can see the endless market potential of Water Parks. According to a Chinese Water Park seller, in his water park, there are about 3000-5000 people on weekdays and the population can reach to over 10,000 on weekends. The ticket price is 3.8-5.5 dollar per person, so the average income can reach to more than 15,300 dollar per day. 

Based on the export data of amusement equipment industry in recent years, Lanphan analyzes that Water Park market is just get off the ground, as a combined water amusement place of swimming, swimming training, dining entertainment, water leisure, Water Run program on TV, commercial activity and advertisement investment, it will become more and more popular in the future. 

Henan Lanphan devotes itself to the production and sales on amusement equipment. It’s our unshakeable duty to serve more customers. Opportunity fleeting, if you are looking for investment program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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