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As a glass reactor manufacturer, sometimes we are asked about the difference between single glass reactor and double lay...
What does a rotary evaporator do? The function of rotary evaporator can be concluded to the following aspects.
What are the advantages of rotary evaporator? We summed up rotary evaporator advantages for you.
You can find that high quality glass reactor use borosilicate glass as the manufacturing material, why borosilicate glas...
Do you know what’s the commonly used accessories parts of rotary evaporator? And what’s the function?
2002   2018-01-26

How to Buy Rotovap?

More and more rotovap types are sold in market, customers may wonder which one should buy. Don’t worry, you only need to...
3092   2018-01-18

How to Clean Rotovap Glassware?

How and when to clean the rotary evaporator glassware? How to choose the suitable washing detergent?
Vacuum pump matching use with chiller and rotating evaporator could accomplish a series reactions, including depressuriz...
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