How to Select Vacuum Pump for Laboratory?

2018-05-21 14:34:00
Summary : To get optimum allocation for lab, Lanphan would like to offer six steps on how to select vacuum pump for laboratory.

As we known, laboratory vacuum pump is used for gas pumping, by reducing the pressure in vacuum chamber to obtain required vacuum degree. In order to reach different technical index, working efficiency, service period and different vacuum zone needs to select different laboratory vacuum pump . To get optimum allocation for lab, Lanphan would like to offer six steps on how to select vacuum pump for laboratory.

laboratory vacuum pump

laboratory vacuum pump use with rotovap and chiller

1.Confirm gas type and sucking rate: if pumped gas type react with pumping liquid, the laboratory vacuum pump system is going to be polluted. Meanwhile, exhausting time and gas flow during pumping process should also be considered.

2.Confirm vacuum degree: vacuum degree decides the structure of vacuum pump for laboratory. If required absolute pressure(ultimate vacuum) is close to “0”, only laboratory vacuum pump could meet the requirement; but if require to close to 1bar(atmospheric pressure), you can choose roots blower or centrifugal blower.

3.Confirm working vacuum range: every technology has its own vacuum range. You need to check the vacuum degree requirements for each technology.

4.Confirm vacuum volume: one needs to check the needed time for required vacuum degree, vacuum piping flow resistance and leakage, also the pumping rate to maintain vacuum.

5.Confirm ultimate vacuum: system ultimate vacuum decides the optimum working vacuum degree. Generally speaking, system ultimate vacuum degree us 20% lower than working vacuum degree, and 50% lower than backing pump’s ultimate vacuum degree.

6.Design formulas: S=2.303V/tLog(P1/P2), S=vacuum pumping rate(L/s), V=vacuum chamber volume(L), t=require time to reach desired vacuum degree, P1=initial vacuum degree(Torr), P2=require vacuum degree(Torr). Please note above formula is theoretical calculation, other variable factors haven’t taken into account, such as piping flow resistance, leakage, filter flow resistance, pumping gas temperature, safety absorption, etc..

Above is the six steps on how to select vacuum pump for laboratory. Should you have any other questions about laboratory vacuum pump, please contact Lanphan at any time.

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