How to Speed Up Warming Time for Laboratory Chemical Reactor?

2018-03-09 10:25:00
Summary : How to speed up warming for laboratory chemical reactor? Now Lanphan provide with some practicable solutions for you.

Lanphan chemical glass reactor is a transparent glass type reaction equipment which used for distillation, concentration, separation, purification reaction in fine chemical engineering, biopharmacy, scientific experiment industries. Recently we received some customer feedback that the warming time of laboratory chemical reactor takes too long in winter cold temperature, it’s a waste of time and energy. Now Lanphan provide with some practicable solutions regrading to this problem for you.

glass reactor

chemical glass reactor

The first solution is to use heat preservation cotton to cover the chemical glass reactor, this is the simplest way to speed up warming time, it’s like wearing more cloths in low temperature to keep energy for human beings.

The second solution is to increase set temperature to shorten heating time. When chemical glass reactor is close to needed temperature, decrease the set temperature. For instance, if actual using temperature is 100℃, you can set the water bath temperature to 120℃, so when chemical glass reactor is close to 90℃, you can adjust the set temperature to 100℃. By this way we can efficiently improve heating rate and shorten waiting time.

The third solution is adding reaction solvent in batches. You can add a half of solvent at first time, when the temperature approach to set temperature, add left solvent for the second time.

Clients can choose to use one of those solutions accordingly, we hope it can help you improve your working efficiency. The laboratory chemical reactor can work within the temperature range of -80℃ to +250℃, but it should use different heating source according to different working medium. When temperature requirement is lower than 99℃, water bath can satisfy the need; and when temperature requirement is higher than 99℃ and lower than 250℃, oil bath can satisfy the need.

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