How to Maintain Double Glass Reactor?

2018-03-29 11:21:00
Summary : The double glass reactor is a distillation glassware designed for separation and extraction materials. How to maintain double glass reactor? Let us tell you the answer.

The double glass reactor is a distillation glassware designed for separation and extraction materials, it has a wide application in laboratories and scientific research units.

A double glass reactor use its jacketed layer to fill in reaction solvents and conduct stirring reaction. Connect different cold and heat sources(refrigerating fluid, hot water or hot oil) to interlayer to do cyclic heating or cooling reaction. Under set constant temperature condition, you can conduct stirring reaction under normal or negative pressure in airtight glass reactor, as well as conducting backflow and distillation of reaction solution.

distillation glassware

double glass reactor

Proper maintenance can prolong the service life of a double glass reactor, also related to the experiment effect and distillation glassware precision. So how to maintain distillation glassware of double glass reactor?

1.Before operation, carefully check the distillation glassware parts, check whether each joint is fitted, please handle wit gentle.

2.Use soft cloth which could be replaced as napkin, to scrub each connection joint and then smear a few vacuum grease to keep lubrication.

3.Don’t over tighten the joints in case of seizure.

4.Let the double glass reactor run from slow to fast, shut down the power when machine in stopping state.

5.Each PTFE switch can not be over tighten up to avoid glassware damage.

6.After using, please use soft cloth to wrap clean the dirt, oil stains and solvents.

7.Unscrew the PTFE switch after closing down, because long-time working state will cause deformation to PTFE piston.

8.Clean the sealing ring periodically, take down the sealing ring and wrap it clean, then smear a few vacuum grease and remount it, don’t forget keep lubrication.

9.Electrical parts can not be affected with damp.

10.When repairing or inspecting the double glass reactor, be sure to shut off the power source and water source.

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