Henan Lanphan took part in the activity organized by Star Cloud Union(southern Zhengzhou foreign trade companies): Visit...
Jennifer Su’s goods of sliding dragon was inspected by the end of October, and successfully shipped to Dominican Republi...
October 11, Lanphan rubber joint exported to Morocco was delivered.
October 20, Shero Yang won another chance to break a golden egg as she’s the first one who accomplished required order q...
On 16th, July, in order to relax ourselves and enhance communication between Lanphan fellows, we had a pleasure trip to ...
On June 4th, 2016, Henan Lanphan staffs began to head for Luanchuan county, started their 2-day’s journey to Chongdugou ...
3131   1   2016-05-20

Lanphan Achievements is Blooming in May

From this week, “Green City” Zhengzhou in China began to present her international show! Business elites strive to be th...
Henan Lanphan cut a figure and won four big prizes in 2016 Alibaba Henan “Hundred Regiments” Awards Ceremony.
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