Self-control Plane Exporting to Kenya of Henan Lanphan was Delivered

2016-03-30 11:13:00
Summary : Spring blossoms, everything’s gone green, amusement rides products ushering in the new sales peak. March 25, Henan Lanphan carefully inspected and delivered the self-control plane exporting to Kenya to make sure the product in good repair.

Spring blossoms, everything’s gone green. Rising temperature along with the coming of Henan Lanphan amusement rides products sales peak. The increasing amusement rides orders doesn’t make us indifferent about the supervision and control of our product quality. March 25, Henan Lanphan carefully inspected and delivered excellent seller Jennifer’s order of self-control plane exporting to Mombasa, Kenya, in order to make sure the product in good repair.

Amusement Rides

Lanphan Staff was Checking Self-control Plane

Kenya client, Micheal, it is the second time of him to make order in our company. Benefit from the good impression which left on him by the first time successful cooperation of little train, also rely on Jennifer’s rich foreign trade business experience, she positively follow up and maintain the relationship with old clients, answer client’s question at first time and recommend our new products at proper times, all of that helps her win client’s trust, thus, her client reordered. Meanwhile, she tried her best to satisfy client’s order request. When she received the first enquiry about self-control plane, client especially emphasized that he need 220V voltage product. While at that time, it’s during China spring festival vacation and most factories were on holiday, so she and colleagues worked overtime to consult factories one by one, finally she made it. That is exactly the secret of wining long-term trust and support of worldwide clients---our meticulous, cautious and conscientious working attitude.

Details About Self-control Plane Checking

Signing order doesn’t mean the completion of transaction, goods inspection and delivery is also an important step of transaction process. Self-control Plane is a kind of amusement equipment which rotating around the vertical axis, rising and falling freely. The purchased self-control plane will apply to a local amusement park in Mombasa, Kenya. Amusement park is a place where has dense population, accident is easily occurred. This particularly requires us strictly control the quality to protect client’s safety and interest, and it’s also our bounden duty. March 25, our colleague from department of technology inspect following aspects of the goods:

1.Adjust product performance, make sure the equipment can do normal operation, including whether the electric system can operate normally, whether fuselage and rotation gear can operate normally, etc. Run it at least one hour to insure it doesn’t have any abnormal sound and breakdown;

2.Check whether product’s parts is complete according to shipping list;

3.Check product packaging, make sure there has no rusting, no dust and no scratch;

4.Check if there has instruction and certificate of quality;

5.Make sure to pad straw mattress when truck loading, in case of damaging the goods in transit.

Truck Loading of the Plane

Henan Lanphan engages in the manufacture and selling of all kinds amusement rides, our business category is more than hundreds types, specifications complete, structure rational and quality excellent. Our products command a ready market in South America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. The inspection and delivery process of self-control plane is a best reflection of our operation principle---”loyal, responsible, professional and honorable. However, we don’t satisfied, it’s our everlasting target of offering better products and better service to clients, we believe that we can do better and better!

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