Lanphan’s Happy Trip to Baiyun Mountain

2017-05-18 14:27:00
Summary : May is the busy month for foreign trade industry, in order to relax ourselves, we traveled to Mount Baiyun in Luoyang city last week.

May is the busy month for foreign trade industry, in order to relax ourselves, we traveled to Mount Baiyun in Luoyang city last week. Baiyun Mountain is located in Song County, Luoyang City, Henan Province, its the hinterland of Funiu Mountain, total area is 168 square kilometer, forest coverage rate above 98.5%, and been praised as “Museum of Natural History” by expert and scholar. There are 37 mountains’ altitude is higher than 1500m, among which Yuhuang Peak’s altitude is 2216m, it’s the best place to watch sunrise and sea of clouds.

henan lanphan

Baiyun Mountain

It took about 4 hours from Zhengzhou to Baiyun Mountain, when arrived at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, we still need to take the scenic spot bus to get to the halfway up the Baiyun Mountain. It’s been a long way, and all is sky way, there are more than 300 bends, it feels like sitting on a roller coaster, but drivers are very experienced, finally we safely arrived at the hotel, Jiulong Mountain Villa. After having a simple lunch and a short break, we began our afternoon journey, visiting Jiulong Waterfall.

henan lanphan

Jiulong Mountain Villa

We got to Jiulong Waterfall by sightseeing bus, then we began to find the Jiulong Waterfall along with stone steps. On the way to Jiulong Waterfall, we went by many caves, some tourists made roar noise on purpose to scare us, that’s really interesting. Also, we can see the beautiful scenery of Bailong Waterfall, Qianchi Cliff, Pearl Pool on the way to Jiulong Waterfall. The most interesting experience was walking on the glass road that hanging on the mountain. Let alone walking on hanging bridge in front of Qianchi Cliff, it feels like you will tumbledown accidentally at any time.

henan lanphan

henan lanphan

Group Photo

After walking through a long tone steps and Qinglong Waterfall, we arrived at Jiulong Waterfall. We were greatly shocked by the beautiful and magnificent waterfall, the 123m-long Jiulong Waterfall is like a giant dragon hanging on the mountain, really amazing. We ended first day’s trip by a big meal near Jiulong Mountain Villa.

henan lanphan

Hanging Bridge

Jiulong Waterfall

Group Photo

May 14th, 7 o’clock in the morning, we ate breakfast and gathered in the hotel hall to prepare for climbing to Yuhuang Peak. The altitude of Yuhuang Peak is as high as 2216m, during the process of climbing to the peak, there are many times that we tried to give up, but the support and encourage from Lanphan colleagues greatly inspired us, finally we successfully climbed to the Yuhuang Peak at 9:30 in the morning, when looking all around the mountain, it’s been a totally different mood. We were so proud of ourselves.

Yuhuang Peak

To save time, we went downhill by riding on sliding, then we visited the Forest Oxygen Bar and Peony Garden. Forest Oxygen Bar is a peaceful and romantic place where was full of plants and fresh air. At the deep of Forest Oxygen Bar, there is a lake called Yuhuang Lake, green black lake water reflects its quite and deep, the mountains are reflected in the lake, what a beautiful scenery!

Forest Oxygen Bar & Yuhuang Lake

Lanphan Group

We went back to Jiulong Mountain Villa and had lunch, then came back to Zhengzhou. Although this happy trip only lasts two days, we completely relaxed ourselves and prepared well for the busing season coming soon. The trip greatly enhanced the group cohesiveness and promoted colleague communication. We believe that Henan Lanphan will become better and better!

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