Henan Lanphan Sliding Dragon Inspection

2016-11-23 14:33:00
Summary : Jennifer Su’s goods of sliding dragon was inspected by the end of October, and successfully shipped to Dominican Republic.

Autumn is the season for harvest, Henan Lanphan seller Jennifer Su signed a contract of Sliding Dragon in September. Purchase department took field visit to many factories and finally selected a qualified sliding dragon manufacturer.

In order to deliver goods as soon as possible, seller Jennifer and Zhitong Xing from product department paid much attention to the production of sliding dragon, they followed up production process in real time, communicated with factory without delay. Thankfully, manufacturer actively cooperated with us, they even didn’t take a holiday during China National Day, finally finished production on 15th, October, and available for test running. On 16th, October, Lanphan vice general manager David Liu leaded purchase manager Tao Liu, seller Jennifer and seller Janvy to inspect sliding dragon.

sliding dragon

Bright Paint Color

They mainly focus on the inspection of product appearance, oil paint spraying, metal pieces material and welding quality. Many kids love sliding dragon, so we required not only novelty appearance and bright oil paint color, but also healthy oil paint ingredient. Inspection result showed that manufacturer has rich production experience, sliding dragon has innovative design, the bright yellow dragon body was decorated with colorful lights, really beautiful and attractive. The sliding dragon shuttle back and forth on track, leaving us an unforgettable impression.

sliding dragon

Bright Yellow Seats

Product quality is vital for using life and safety, thus, we checked the fiberglass reinforced plastics thickness, safety belt and safety handle one by one. People felt secured and comfortable when sitting in the cabin. Besides, the giant body of sliding dragon requires extremely solid track to support, track material and welding quality is of great importance. We carefully checked the steel pipe, electric conduction connecting device, track tiepiece and welding lines, there has no quality problem, no jerry-build. The big volume sliding dragon should be dismounted when shipping, to convenient for product assembling, manufacturer welded serial number on every adjacent pieces. To help client to install the sliding dragon, Janvy Yang recorded the whole process.

sliding dragon

Solid Track

sliding dragon

Installation Number On Welding Pieces

After three-hour’s no load running, we have successfully complete the test running of sliding dragon. We also took part in the load test running, sitting in the dragon, reviewing childhood happiness, waiting for client’s satisfied feedback. Sliding dragon was shipped to Dominican Republic on 20th, October.

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