Rubber Flexible Check Valve Manual Installation Directions

2016-02-01 11:25:22
Edited by admin at 2016-05-07 09:16:35
Summary : Please check whether the conditions are in conformance such as mode and valve type, installation type

Reparation Before Installation

  1. Please check whether the conditions are in conformance such as mode and valve type, installation type,technical parameter and technical requirements(pressure resistance or back pressure, tempera -ture resistance and anticorrosion conditions).
  2. Check whether there is personal damage and dirty things in valve.
  3. Check whether th©surface of pipe installed o r the joint flange have burr and de formation and are smooth and leveled.

lnstallation Procedure

  1. The inne r diamete r should match with the external diameter of joint pipe in the installation of belled rubber slowly—closing check valve. The in setting deDth should accord to corresponding requirements. Water rubbe r can be sp*ead on the surface of pipe and rubber gasket should used at dog mouth. Then the bolts are connected tightly. If assistant liner pipe is adoptde for rubber slowly — closing check valve, the assistant liner pipe and remained pipes should sealed and welded firmly and reinforcement barshould be increased properly to promote the intensity and rigidity when the connecti on operation is made.
  2. In flanged installation, the exit flange size of drainage pipe should correspond to joint flange size of rubber slowly —closing check valve, Sealing pad should be installed belween flafiyes as apprupriale to guarantee the absolute seal after connection, it should be noticed that the flange lip of rubber slowly — closing ,check valve can' t be damaged.
  3. For other installaticn, the mentioned requirements can be taken for reference.
  4. When the nominal diameter is more than Dn800, a support drag bar should be prepared to lift valve body solidly for long term by the flying ring of valve body because the weight of valve body is large and a lot of water and flow impacts in the valve body.


  1. The valve body should be prevented from non —standard op eration in the removal, storage and installation for valve body.
  2. The valve bodies are strictly prohibited to place in piles and open fire should be avoided if the valve bodies is stored for long term.
  3. No maintenance is needed in normal application but the valve body should be protected from puncturing by hard materials.
  4. The working position shouldn' t be pressed by things to protect its natural switch.

Notice for Order

  1. Users should provide field operation conditions explain and technical requirements.
  2. Users should provide necessary technical parameter including nominal diameter of pipe, joint external diameter, installation type and the valves of positive start pressure and reserve cut-off back pressure.
  3. Our technicians will select type and design for users according to the request of users.