Flexible Rubber Joint Installationg Directions

2016-02-01 11:42:07
Edited by admin at 2016-05-07 09:17:49
Summary : Place the flexible rubber joint naturally, and don’t make any artificial deformation during the installation.
  1. Place the flexible rubber joint naturally, and don’t make any artificial deformation during the installation. 
  2. When install the flange loosing-stop rubber joint, must put the reinforcing rings on both sphere ends fully into flange grooves to prevent the flange being pulled apart from the sphere when the pipe is suffered pressure. Fasten the six or four symmetrical bolts tightly to make sure the sphere and flange are in right position.
  3. When rubber joint and pipe flange are connected, bolt screw should point towards the end of pipe flange to prevent screw thread from damaging the joint arch. The bolts on each end should be tightened symmetrically to ensure all bolts are tightened evenly. Under harsh conditions, spring washer should be added except flat gasket to prevent bolts becoming flexible. 
  4. When the rubber joints is over or high arched, stud bolts should be used because six angle sides cannot pass through flange holes. Threaded protrusion on sphere end should be lessened to avoid sphere from Beijing damaged, which will affect the service life of rubber joint.
  5. When rubber joint is close to the outlet of water/oil pump or it is started or stopped frequently, Limit controls should be added on both ends of flange in order to lessen the impact of over extension and compression on pump and pipeline. 
  6. When the rubber joint above DN1000mm is being used, a stub tube of proper length should be made on one end of flange to install it easily and reduce labor intensity. After the rubber joint and stub tube are connected well with the other end of pipe, the stub tube should be welded together with long tube at butt end. 
  7. In order to avoid the radial deviation caused by tube welding deformation, two ends of pipe flange should be welded temporarily with steel rod or other metal of same strength. Then rigid solid are formed at the connection of rubber joint and flange. When the stub tube is welded completely, remove the steel rod or other metal to make the rubber joint is in natural position after the installation.
  8. When the metal is welded temporarily with flange, make sure that the rubber joint at the welded junctions should be covered to prevent sphere from being damaged. 
  9. In order to ensure the project quality, we especially remind the engineering department and the user that the following point. If the rubber joint is designed or used at the position of water pump outlet near-end or pipe corner, please indicate that limit device should be added.