Records about Visiting Lab Instruments Factories

2016-03-07 11:12:00
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Summary : February 27, Henan Lanphan visited their lab instrument factories, in where they learned detailed professional knowledge about their lab products.
Spring blossoms, we visited our lab instrument factory in the warm vernal breeze on February 27, a sunny Saturday afternoon. 

During the on-site learning process, we grasped the practical knowledge and relevant standard on technical parameters and gained detailed knowledge of producer’s goods, process and factory structure of our various lab instrument products by asking technicians in the factory. For instance, we’ve got a better understanding on the application principle, core technology, work efficiency and anti-explosion property of rotary evaporator, reaction still and other instruments. All of our foreign trade sellers took notes carefully and came up with question actively. We have laid a solid theoretical consolidation for offering better service to foreign clients in our future work. 

Rotary Evaporator

After visiting the factory, we enjoyed ourselves in a nearby Chinese Temple, which is called “Xing Fo Temple”. The temple was listed as Major Cultural Relics Protection Units in Henan Province on June 16, 2008. It embraces a beautiful scenery and our Henan Lanphan fellows were intoxicated in its charm. A week’s tiredness was gradually eliminated in the enchanting views.

Xing Fo Temple

Group Photo of Henan Lanphan

As a seller at Lanphan, I gained a stronger confidence in our products now. Our incorporate production plant, our professional product research, our high-grade research personnel, our responsible workshop colleagues, and let alone our sellers’ great enthusiasm to customers, all of which was deeply encouraged me to offer more and more comprehensive information consultation and professional after-sale support.