Close to Nature——A Pleasure Travel to Fuxi Mountain

On 16th, July, in order to relax ourselves and enhance communication between Lanphan fellows, we had a pleasure trip to Mount Fuxi at a nice and cool summer weekend.
2016/08/11   niutiantian   5638

Journey To Chongdugou Scenic Spot of Henan Lanphan

On June 4th, 2016, Henan Lanphan staffs began to head for Luanchuan county, started their 2-day’s journey to Chongdugou scenic spot. This activity greatly enriched Lanphan fellow’s sparetime life and enhanced communication between departments.
2016/06/13   Nina   3810

Records about Visiting Lab Instruments Factories

February 27, Henan Lanphan visited their lab instrument factories, in where they learned detailed professional knowledge about their lab products.
2016/03/07   Nina   4088

Training of Lab Instruments in Henan Lanphan

Henan Lanphan organized a training of lab instrument on Jan. 9 2016 in order to improve staff’s knowledge about lab instrument and their ability of servicing customers.
2016/01/17   summer   3602

Our Moment: Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

At this festival moment, Henan Lanphan’s all staff may everyone merry Christmas and happy new year.
2015/12/28   summer   3225

Product Training about Steel Joint

Our company organized a training about product knowledge and sales skills for all the staff of foreign trade department on December 10, 2015.
2015/12/11   summer   3993