Outdoor Children Amusement Rides Needs to Develop in Innovation

2016-03-09 11:23:00
Summary : Spring comes after winter, outdoor activities are blooming. As the most active participants in outdoor activities, kids crowds together in the outdoor amusement equipment. So what are the most attractive children amusement equipment among numerous equipment?
Spring came again, the earth recovery and flowers are blooming. People take off their winter coats and walk out to take part in various outdoor activities with delightful moods. As the most active participants in outdoor activities, kids crowds together in amusement equipment places such as park, shopping mall and playground. What are the most attractive amusement equipment among numerous equipment? Henan Lanphan sums up following information by field visit and data analysis. 

Outdoor Children Amusement Rides Operation

Outdoor Children Amusement Rides

From the perspective of children, following aspects need to be satisfied:

1.Amusement equipment which can place kids in heading position
Children are a group of people who have endless imagination and curiosity, they love handleable and strong interactivity games, from which they can learn from handling, get victory experience from playing and acquire sense of achievement from challenges.
2.Amusement equipment which can maintain a lasting interests and hobby for kids.
Good outdoor children amusement equipment make kids play over and over again, and it can explore from different angles, avoid rigid and lack of creativity.
3. Amusement equipment design should have pertinence to ages.
Children love the equipment which they can handle by themselves, but we should select proper equipment according to different age group’s different intelligence development situation in case of too hard or too boring may affect self-confidence or lose interest.

Parents’ opinion takes heading position when choosing outdoor children amusement equipment, and usually which aspects parents think from?

1.Better parent-child opportunity
Influenced by quick pace of life and pressure, parents have few chances to communicate with children. It becomes a important part of parent-child activities by playing outdoor amusement equipment together. Thus, a good amusement equipment should accommodate more than two people, which can strengthen the interactive activity between parents and kids.
2.Amusement equipment’s safety performance.
The equipment texture should be environmental protection, non-flammable and non-toxic, its margin should sophisticated and burr-free, package parts should tight in case of loosing and eaten by children by mistake. Parents care more about outdoor amusement equipment’s safety performance, we should complete all detection to make them feel relieved. 

What are the most popular children amusement equipment in Lanphan’s exported amusement equipment? The export orders of amusement equipment increased rapidly after Chinese spring festival, among them outdoor amusement equipment takes the majority, such as slide, inflatable castle, self-control airplane, visiting trains and track trains, etc.

Outer environment influenced a lot to outdoor children amusement equipment investment, now weather and temperature is well, it’s the best time to invest. If you have any questions about children amusement equipment type or operation, please let us know at any time, we will serve you with most sincerely hearts!
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