Kids Ferris Wheel With Double Sides

OriginZhengzhou, Henan, China
Capacity20 persons
Working power50Hz/380V
Floor area5*4M

Product Description

Lanphan kids ferris wheel with double sides is a kind of rotating type amusement rides, it’s beauty in appearance, bright in colors, and with charming decorative lighting and music, greatly drew people’s attention. Kids ferris wheel is made from high quality fiberglass, adopts car paint spraying technology, one-time molding, no color fading, owns advantages of anti-corrosive, environmental protective, and high safety factor. Kids ferries wheel can be made into single side or double side, each side hanging 5 fancy cockpits, comparing to single side ferries wheel, double side ferries wheel contains more people at the same time, applicable for 20 children and adults to enjoy at the same time. People sitting inside it and slowly lifting, people can overlook scenery from the high place. Lanphan kids ferris wheel applies for all kinds of indoor and outdoor amusement parks, gardens, squares ans so on.

Product feature of Kids ferris wheel with double sides:

  1. Lanphan kids ferries wheel has superior performance, novel molding, charming lighting and unique one-armed structural support.
  2. Satisfy children’s willing of overlook the around in a high place.
  3. Small floor space, novel design, unique structure, elegant structure.


Equipment weight 3T
Capacity 20 persons
Power 7KW
Working power 50Hz/380V
Running degree 2 minutes/circle
Floor area 5*4m


Lanphan kids ferris wheel is widely used in amusement parks, shopping mall, large square, children park, water park and all kinds of indoor and outdoor amusement places.

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

  1. According to customer needs, select the most appropriate equipment.
  2. According to the specific needs of customers, complete various new styling designs.

In-Sales Service

  1. After the client has chosen our company's products, signed a purchase and sales contracts, signing of the contract means taking into effect.
  2. If customers need to order our products, customers only need to pay 30% deposit, balance paid before delivery.
  3. After finished products has made, our company is responsible for contacting freight, transport costs borne by the customer.

After-Sales Service

  1. The warranty period is one year. Parts and labor costs will be charged a year later.
  2. Our service personnel will solve difficult problems for you timely, after receiving customer information, timely giving customer technical guidance.
  3. For matters can not provide technical advice or treatment in a timely manner, we will contact the customer within 24 hours and provide advice in accordance with the actual situation.
  4. Establish tracking service system, regularly visit customers every year, and developing the direction of the product based on customer needs.


  1. What is your MOQ?
    Our MOQ is 1 set.
  2. Where does your product applicable for?
    Shopping mall, square, park, amusement park, scenic spot, etc.
  3. What’s the product material?
    Excellent covered steel, glass fiber reinforced plastics, endurance plate, etc.
  4. Your warranty time?
    Our warranty period is one year, we can provide life-long maintenance and technical guidance(except for easily damaged parts).
  5. Can you spray LOGO for us?
    Yes, we can spray LOGO for free, if your LOGO is not complex.

Packing and shipping

Kids ferris wheel is packaged by wrap film and wooden frame, to ensure no damage during transportation.


  1. Lanphan kids ferris wheel use national standard excellent binding steel material and stainless steel pipes from big factories.
  2. High quality electrical machine and differential speed machine, durable and low failure rate.
  3. All fiberglass products are made from dust-free stoving varnish of car, smooth and colorful, uneasy to fade.
  4. Kids ferris wheel is fashionable and environmental protection, deeply loved by children and young people.
  5. Machine is made form TPU material, which is non-toxic no color and smell, and anti hydrolysis and yellow.
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