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Lanphan has impeccable independent design and testing capabilities. According to the requirements of the user ,we can design and manufacture various types of products in the special structure pipeline for water supply and drainage.The International quality management system standards are strictly enforced,such as GB/T9001-2008 and ISO9001:2008. The company We served not only including domestic well-known manufacturers, but also exported to the United States, Poland, Belgium, Turkey, Iran, India, Vietnam and other countries and regions,which win the praises of majority customers.

Lanphan mainly uses Chinese GB, JB, the United States API, ANSI, UK BS, Germany DIN, France NF, Japan JIS, JPI and other domestic and international standard to product and manufacture. Lanphan is Specialized in the production of series GJQ type single sphere flexible rubber joints, double ball rubber joints, reducer rubber joints, rubber eblows, flexible rubber joint protection device, rubber shock absorber, vibration isolation cushion, damping spring vibration absorber, duckbill valve (rubber check valves for sewage system), single and double flange transferring joint, stop expansion joint , large deflection loosing compensation joint, flange type spherical joints, sleeve type expansion compensator, flexible and rigid waterproof casing, steel flexible joint, stainless steel bellows compensator, metal hose, stainless steel round, rectangular corrugated compensator, smoke wind rubber and fabric expansion joint.These products are widely used in water supply and drainage treatment, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electric power, medicine, food, vacuum equipment, fire equipment and high-rise buildings and other fields.

Metallurgy Industry

Corporacion Nacional del Cobre de Chile (CODELCO)  /  DN400-DN600 Type 38 Dresser Coupling    /    Feb. 2016

Turkey Blast Furnace Project, Rubber and Steel Expansion Joint    /    DN150-DN700 Flexible Rubber Joint  /    Jan. 2008

China Shanghai Baosteel Group, Third-stage Project    /   DN150-DN1400 Flexible Rubber Joint  /    2006 to now

Municipal Engineering

China Ningbo Water Environment Construction Project    /    DN150-DN1400 Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint    /    Aug. 2007

China Shanghai Running Water Company    /   DN1200-DN2200 Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint    /   Jul. 2005

China Beijing Running Water Company, Fenzhongsi Water Plant    /    DN100-DN900 Flexible Rubber Joint    /    Mar. 2004

Electric Power

China Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd, First-stage Project, Unit 1&2    /   DN2800 Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint    /    Jul. 2011

The Second Power Generating Company of Russian Power Market    /    2x660MW    /      DN600, DN2200 Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint  /    Mar. 2011

Brazil UTE Barcarena Power Station Project    /    2x300MW    /     VSSJAF Metal Loosing Expansion Joint, DN1800 Flexible Rubber Expansion Joint  /    Mar. 2008


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