SA2 Box-Type Atmosphere Furnace
SA2 Box-Type Atmosphere Furnace
SA2 Box-Type Atmosphere Furnace
SA2 Box-Type Atmosphere Furnace

SA2 Box-Type Atmosphere Furnace

  • BrandLanphan SA2
  • ColorCustomized
  • OriginZhengzhou, Henan, China
  • Input Voltage220/380V
  • Power1-9KW
Although there are many kinds of furnace on the market, such as melting furnace, propane furnace, induction furnace and muffle furnace. Did you know how much does a furnace cost and what furnace parts are. Here we would like to share a new box-type furnace.

Product Description

Although there are many kinds of furnace on the market, such as  melting furnace, propane furnace , induction furnace and muffle furnace. Did you know how much does a furnace cost and what furnace parts are. Here we would like to share a new box type furnace . SA2 series box-type atmosphere furnace is a self-researched product by our company, it’s a smart, high efficient, energy saving, environmental protection precision high temperature electric furnace . Comparing to box-type furnace, atmosphere furnace has product advantages of vacuum pump ing and gas inflation, and atmosphere furnace owns advanced structure, elegant and beauty in appearance, shell is made from excellent cold-roll steel sheets, been processed by advanced numerically controlled machine tool and import epoxy powder electrostatic spray technology, anti high temperature, anti corrosion and maintain no color fading for a long time. SA2 box-type atmosphere furnace is discontinuous running, adopts double-layer shell structure and (adjustable in 30-50℃range) program temperature control system, phase shifting trigger, silicon controlled, hearth is made form most advanced aluminum oxide ceramics material, double-layer furnace mantle room is equipped with air cooling system to rise or cool the temperature rapidly, furnace body uses step type assembly structure, furnace door and door frame is an integrated design, which efficiently prevent hearth top from collapsing, close fit of furnace door and door frame makes thermal energy difficult to lose, lengthen the service life of furnace door. SA2 box-type atmosphere furnace is applicable for universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, atmosphere protection sintering of mining industries, it’s an ideal equipment for atmosphere reduction, with features of uniform temperature, fast temperature rising or falling speed, energy saving, applicable for various gases, vacuum pumping, etc.

Box-type atmosphere furnace, box-type furnace and tube-type furnace are called muffle, they are a kind of universal heating device which different in shapes. SA2 box-type furnace’s working principle is on basis of conservation of energy, that is transfer electric energy to heat energy. When furnace is in normal working condition, apply voltage and current on heating element(resistance), heating element produces a large amount of heat in working room, and generates heat convection and heat radiation, thermal insulation material absorb and emit a few heat and isolate most heat to make working room temperature rise gradually, finally reach to pre-set temperature. When reach to certain temperature, thermocouple senses working room temperature and feedback to temperature control meter(PID control), then control voltage, current in order to control the thermal power of furnace, and reach pre-set program temperature.

Product features of Lanphan SA2 box-type atmosphere furnace:

  1. Lanphan box-type atmosphere furnace has a widely application range, can be used for gravimetric analysis, ash content measurement of organic matter and coal.
  2. Heating device is built in both sides of hearth inwall, which can quicken temperature rising and make material uniformly heated.
  3. Box-type atmosphere furnace’s heating element is made from special fireproofing material, and it totally hides in inwall, avoid corrosive gas and steam, thus lengthen service life.
  4. Box-type atmosphere furnace is separate from control part, in this way, electronic temperature controller can accurately control temperature even under long time running.
  5. Box-type atmosphere furnace’s shell has double layers, its bottom is equipped with a refrigeration fan, the air circulating can keep low temperature of the surface, you have no worry for scalding.
  6. Digital setting and display panel points to accurate temperature.
  7. Temperature control range from 30℃ to 50℃, accuracy is ±1℃.
  8. Heating rate is 0-40℃/min(advise =<20℃).
  9. Hearth is made from aluminum oxide ceramics.


Type Max Temperature Heating Element Thermocouple Temperature Control Accuracy Max Temperature Rising Rate Hearth Material Applicable Atmosphere Vacuum Degree Hearth Size Power Input Voltage
SA2-1-12TP 1200℃ Resistance Wire K type ±1℃ 30℃/min Aluminum oxide ceramic fiber All inert gas, maxed gas, ammonia gas, carbon dioxide, water steam, argon, osygen, etc. ≥-0.1Mpa 100*100*100mm 1kW 220V
SA2-2-12TP 1200℃ 200*150*150mm 2kW 220V
SA2-6-12TP 1200℃ 300*200*200mm 6kW 220V
SA2-9-12TP 1200℃ 400*300*300m 9kW 380V
SA2-2-14TP 1400℃ Silicon Carbide Rod S type 100*100*100mm 2kW 220V
SA2-4-14TP 1400℃ 200*150*150mm 4kW 220V
SA2-9-14TP 1400℃ 300*200*200mm 9kW 380V
SA2-16-14TP 1400℃ 400*300*300mm 16kW 380V
SA2-2-17TP 1700℃ Silicon-Molybdenum Rod B type 100*100*100mm 2kW 220V
SA2-4-17TP 1700℃ 200*150*150mm 4kW 220V
SA2-9-17TP 1700℃ 300*200*200mm 9kW 380V

Corollary Equipment

Box-type atmosphere furnace connecting to vacuum pump to get vacuum condition in inner hearth.


SA2 high temperature box-type atmosphere mainly applied to aerospace, power electronics, machining industries. Can be used to vertical heat treatment of stainless steel, oxygen-free cooper, metallizing ceramics, axis parts; bright annealing and non-oxidation of die steel, alloy steel, auto parts; bright heat treatment of cooper and cooper alloy. It’s an ideal product for atmosphere protection sintering, atmosphere reduction in universities and colleges, scientific research institutions and machining enterprises.

Our Services

Pre-sale Service

  1. Provide technical consulting service for free.
  2. Provide product sample book, company introduction and credit certificate.
  3. Invite client to our company to inspect product design, production technology, workshop, product testing machine and quality management system.
  4. We can appoint experienced technical staff to offer you free design and model selecting according to actual using situation and specification.
  5. Provide professional quoted price.

In-sale Service

  1. After place an order, order supervisor will follow up production procedure timely to ensure in time goods delivery.
  2. During production process, clients can send technicist to our company to inspect production process, we will provide inspection standard and results of our products.

After-sale Service

  1. Except for man-made or abnormal operation to cause damage, we carry out “three guarantees”, warranty period for main engine is 3 years, please call us and tell fault reason if equipment is damaged.
  2. Free quality warranty period of the furnace is 3 years(except for heating element and easily smash and consumable matters), temperature controller, thermocouple, regulator, transformer and voltage regulator’s guarantee period is 3 years, if heating element has natural damage within 3 months, we will change it for free.


  1. Furnace box temperature is more than 1000℃, will it hurt people?
    Furnace shell adopts double-layer forced cooling, makes its shell temperature close to room temperature, no more than 40℃, in case of accident.
  2. How long will it take to heat the furnace to 1300℃?
    Our max temperature rising rate is 40℃/min, it will cost 32.5 minutes to rise to 1300℃. We advice you to use heating rate of 20℃/min to lengthen equipment service life.
  3. Usually I only need 900℃ to conduct my experiment, can I have a furnace with max temperature of 1000℃?
    Yes, we can custom-made the furnace according to your need.
  4. The setting temperature on display refers to hearth temperature or sample surface temperature?
    When thermocouple is collecting temperature data, probe directly touch the tested material, not influenced by medium, so it is the actual temperature of sample surface.
  5. Can I use our country’s plug?
    Yes, we can provide following standard plugs in different countries.
  6. What kind of payment term do you accept?
    Normally we accept TT, Paypal, Western Union, Alibaba Escrow, and L/C. The exactly term with be discussed during the deal.


  1. Comparing to fuel furnace, Lanphan box-type furnace is accessible to achieve high temperature;
  2. Heating from interior of material;
  3. Electric furnace has no heat loss due to exhaust gas comparing to fuel furnace, owns higher thermal efficiency;
  4. Microcomputer PID controller, high temperature control accuracy, procedure temperature control id reliable and safe;
  5. Heating rate is free to adjust, high temperature rising rate and low energy consumption;
  6. Excellent operating performance, no environment pollution;
  7. Shell is made from import epoxy powder static electricity plastic spraying process, anti high temperature, anti oxidation, anti acid-base, hard to color fading;
  8. Lanphan box-type furnace use integrating circuit, modular control, double-circuit protected(bias-temperature protection, superhigh temperature protection, over current protection, over pressure protection functions), working stably and safer.
  9. Excellent operating performance, no environment pollution;
  10. Applicable of heat treatment under special atmosphere vacuum environment.
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