Bumper Ball
Bumper Ball
Bumper Ball
Bumper Ball
Bumper Ball
Bumper Ball

Bumper Ball

  • BrandLanphan Lanphan
  • ColorCustomized
  • OriginZhengzhou, Henan, China
  • MaterialPVC/TPU
  • Material thickness0.8mm
  • Inflatable time<8 min
Inflatable bumper ball also called as bumper ball, inflatable balls, is the latest developed new type inflatable rides of our company, made from environmentally friendly, high elastic transparent material.
Bumper ball
Product Description

Inflatable bumper ball also called as bumper ball, inflatable balls, is the latest developed new type inflatable rides of our company, inflatable bumper ball is made from environmentally friendly, high elastic transparent material, add safety harness and auxiliary handle. Inflatable bumper ball use 0.8mm transparent PVC or TPU, durable and safe, working load as high as 180kg; impact force as high as 500kg. Inflatable bumper ball is composed of many pull ropes, thereby strongly guarantee player’s safety. Ergonomics design increased comfort suitability of the product, so that the game more exciting. In general, 6 years old to 70 years old people in good health all can play. Inflatable bumper balls have two sizes, adult and children size, There are a variety of playing methods, it can be one or more people to play together simultaneously. Compared to traditional bumper cars, bumper boats, inflatable bumper ball is more flexible and entertainment.

Product features of inflatable bumper ball:

  1. The inflatable bumper ball can be used for sightseeing, suitable for children and adults.
  2. The inflatable ball with low investment, high-return characteristics.
  3. The inflatable bumper ball can be used in a variety of venues, wide application range.
  4. Inflatable bumper ball can also be rent, widely used in all types of playgrounds, parks, shopping malls and other places.


Product name Bumper ball
Purpose Sport, entertainment
Applicable Soccer club, school, leisure centre, park
Material PVC/TPU
Color Transparent/red/green/blue or customized
Diameter Dia 1.2M/1.5M/1.8M or customized
Height 1.1M/1.2M/1.38M
Material thickness 0.8mm
Inflatable time <8 min
Accessories Free repair kits, glues, high quality packing bag 
product details

Lanphan inflatable bumper ball is widely used in football club, schools, parks, amusement parks.

our service

Pre-Sales Service

  1. Through detailed market research for international fashion beacon for our customers to develop rides feasibility analysis plan.
  2. According to customer needs, select the most appropriate equipment.
  3. According to the specific needs of customers, the completion of a number of new styling designs.

In-Sales Service

  1. After the client has chosen the company's products, signed a purchase and sales contracts start, signing of the contract takes effect.
  2. To build the company's products, customers only need to pay 30% of the purchase price for the scheduled payment. Full payment before delivery.
  3. Finished made by the company responsible for contacting freight, transport costs borne by the customer.

After-Sales Service

  1. The company's products will be committed to the implementation of "Three Guarantees."
  2. The warranty period is one year. Aftermarket parts and labor costs to charge a year later.
  3. Our service personnel will solve difficult problems for you timely, after receiving customer information, timely giving customer technical guidance.
  4. You can not provide a process advice or technical process in a timely manner, we will contact the customer within 24 hours and put forward opinions based on the actual situation.
  5. Establish tracking service system, regularly visit customers every year, and to develop the direction of the product based on customer needs advice.


  1. What's the MOQ of inflatable bumper ball?
    Our MOQ of each item is 1pc.
  2. May I get a sample?
    Yes, we can provide you with the sample, and we will refund the sample fee when you place a big order.
  3. May I have my own logo or design for the products?
    Yes, of course. We can print or design Logo for you. If logo is easy, we can print for free.
  4. What are the fan plug standard?
    The European standard, American standard, German standard and so on, can be customized according to customer requirements.
  5. What happens if the ball has punctures?
    The damage can easily be patched with repair kit, material patches and glue is included in the order.

packaging & shipping


  1. Available high frequency machine easily to direct touch the PVC or TPU film, it’s beautiful and durable.
  2. The inflatable bumper has good performances of toughness, wear resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and good aging resistance.
  3. The sphere material is non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, reach to European and American standards of absolute environmental protection TPU polyether materials with resistance to hydrolysis and yellowing resistance, tension and flexibility is several times of similar products.
  4. Simple operation, environmental protection, fashion, popular with young people and children.
  5. New high-temperature welding machine weld and no traces of the old welding, more beautiful and more secure.
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