Metal Frame Pool
Metal Frame Pool
Metal Frame Pool
Metal Frame Pool
Metal Frame Pool
Metal Frame Pool
Metal Frame Pool

Metal Frame Pool

  • BrandLanphan
  • ColorCustomized
  • OriginZhengzhou, Henan, China

Metal frame pool is made up of steel frame and polyether ethylene PVC cloth, so that called metal frame pool. People can play and relax in the movable metal frame pool in hot summer.

Product Description

Metal frame pool is made up of steel frame and polyether ethylene PVC cloth, so that called metal frame pool. Its height is between 60cm--150cm, length and width is in the range of 2X2m to 50X25m. The pool is used in park and square, people can play and relax in the movable metal frame pool in hot summer. Metal frame pool is welcomed by many natatorium, because it is convenient to install and remove. They can use it in summer, package it in winter. It’s a great saving of China’s territorial resources cause it won’t occupy the land for a long time. 

Product Features

1.Convenient to install and remove
Its special structure design make it convenient to install and remove, it just takes a few hours to set up a standard pool(25X50m). Set up in business season, package and storage it in warehouse when not using. It greatly saved the land resources cause it doesn’t need land occupation, just take advantages of indoor and outdoor area such as city square, playground, exhibition hall, parking lot and so on. Buyers can quickly build up a full-equipped and enjoyable water amusement park. 
2.Professional water quality purification
Adopt water pump facility to do water purification treatment by ongoing water circulation, the pool can be filtrated every few hours. Along with manual cleaning, you don’t need to change water for the whole summer.
3.Super-long service life.
After many years production, operation, research and development, our metal frame pool all use high-temperature heat seal technology of international leading level. We adhere to the principle of “high quality, high standard” throughout every link: design, workmanship, raw material, manufacture and set up, which guarantee the 8-year’s super-long service life.
4.Convenient to maintain
Comparing to traditional swimming pool, it can save the cost of maintenance. The metal frame pool’s ruggedness is beyond people’s imagination, and it can be fixed up immediately even if it is damaged under extremely condition. 




Minimum Order Quantify


Warranty Period

3 Years

Related Certificate



Steel Frame, Cloth, Glue

Delivery Method

Air, Sea, Express

Service Life

100-120 thousand person-time

Production Cycle

7-15 days after receiving earnest



Product Standard


Related Production Technology

Product’s inside and outside layers are been machine sewed, covered edge is reinforced by braid. 

Our Service

1.Quality problem: three-year’s free repair of inflatable mode products, other fittings is not guaranteed. Return to factory for repair must use appointed express of our company, we will undertake the freight of returning to buyer within one month; beyond one month, buyers must responsible for all possible freight.
2.Non-quality problem: all inflatable mode shares free repair, but buyers must undertake all possible freight.
3.Changing or refunding: changing goods within one month must meet following condition:
Products not influences secondary sales; discount 20% of the product and pay the price difference (Alipay transfer or bank transfer); return the product by appointed express of our company; buyers must undertake all freights.
4.What is quality problem?
Inflatable mode types: breakage in suture caused by normal use, self cracking of inflatable cloth, dissymmetry caused by by-product distortion, larger product dimension error(error within 5% belongs to normal range).
Draught fan within 12 hours: no distortion and no burning, but draught fan doesn’t work, wind power too low caused by high-temperature. 
Conditions other than above situation does not count to quality problem. 


1. How many kinds of materials ?
We have two kinds of material, which are PVC and TPU. And they meet with standard CE/UL requirements.
2. Does the blowers and pumps meet standard requirements in different countries?
Yes, we have USA and EUROPEAN standard blowers and pumps.
3. Are all the products customized, what about the logo?
Yes, the size and color of our all products can be custom-made according to your requirement. So does the logo.
4. How to do the daily maintenance?
Use clean water and soap to clean the product when it is dirty.  
5. What about  the guarantee of the products?
We offer two-year quality guarantee. In case the products being punctured by any pointed staff, we will send the repairing kit along with the products. 


1.Our company’s metal frame pool has the feature of easy to clean, you can easily clean the waterline and water spots while some small factory’s products is difficult to clean out.
2.Our company’s metal frame pool is made from full size cloth, splicing cloth is not allowed, which is not only beauty in appearance but also guarantee the product quality. While small factory often use surplus cloth to joint use, if heat seal technology doesn’t pass standard, it will cause potential quality problems.
3.We have applied two national patent for our metal frame pool.
4.Small factory use our obsoleted product technology which is inferior in accuracy and error. Our company use the latest manufacture technology to make sure every cloth-threading tube’s tapping is in uniformly distribution, let alone the beautiful appearance.
5.We use 0.6mm1000D cloth for the bottom of the pool while small factory often use 0.4mm500DF cloth. You may not feel the difference for the first using year, but when using for a longer time, their product will has the problem of degumming, fracture of wire and water leakage.
6.We use 0.85mm1000D cloth for the vertical wall of the pool, the product’s using limitation is 5 times of normal use, which is higher than national standard for 3 times. 
7. General Administration of Sport of China listed skiing, climbing and swimming as high-risk sports in 2014, operator must get high-risk certificate. All of our products are put on records at technical supervision bureau, we can provide all needed material for high-risk certificate.
8. We use 50mm-diameter international steel pipe for the pool’s steel frame, which meets with the national standard. And its surface use the technology of rust cleaning first, spraying plastics last, that greatly guarantee the steel frame’s quality. 
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