Inflatable Water Slides
Inflatable Water Slides
Inflatable Water Slides
Inflatable Water Slides
Inflatable Water Slides
Inflatable Water Slides
Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable Water Slides

  • BrandLanphan
  • ColorCustomized
  • OriginZhengzhou, Henan, China

Inflatable water slides evolved from traditional land slides, it’s a kind of water play equipment for kids and adults emerging in recent years. It often seen in water amusement park, amusement park and children’s park.

Product Description

Inflatable water slides evolved from traditional land slides, people slide down after climbing or walking to the top of the slide. Inflatable water slide, as a kind of water play equipment for kids and adults emerging in recent years, is often seen in water amusement park, amusement park and children’s park, it is suitable for 3 to 30-year-old people. Besides, there has slides of special purpose such as the electric water slide inside naughty castle. Inflatable water slides is made from PVC and other materials, it gets into shape inflated by air blower, coupling with various cartoon design. 

Product Features

Advantage: collapsible, customizable to various types, easy to put and transfer, small floor area, easy to maintenance;
Weakness: not available for high difficult spiral slide, easy to air leakage and damaged.

Product Principle

Water slide is a kind of water play equipment whose back is installed with ladder or climbing rocks and the other side is equipped with sliding plane in types of go straight, wave, spiral and so on. People go up from ladder, slide from the sliding plane. 
There are two kinds of the sliding plates, one is straight, another is crooked, the sliding plane is cycloid. Assume these two slides’ height is the same, two kids in same weight slide down from the top of the slide at the same time, the first landing kid is the one who is in cycloid sliding plane, not the straight slide one. The reason why kids can slide down from the slide is that the function of gravity. When sliding plane’s gradient is different, the gravity component force is different. The larger of the gravity component, the faster of the sliding speed, and the faster of the speed increasing. When slide down from straight slide, the sliding accelerated speed stays the same, sliding speed steadily increased. While when slide down from cycloid slide, the gradient is very large at the beginning of sliding plate, which makes the sliding kid obtain a very fast sliding speed in an extremely short time. Although in the second half period, gradient gradually become smaller, speed increased slowly, by this time the sliding speed has already very large.
Therefore, although cycloid slide is longer than straight slide, its sliding time is shorter than straight slide. It has been proved in math and physics.



PVC net clamping cloth

Minimum Order Amount


Term of Maintenance

3 Years

Related Certificate



Draught fan, cloth, glue

Delivery Method

Air, Sea, Express

Service Life

100-120 thousand person-time

Production Cycle

7-15 days after receiving earnest


External packing of the air cushion is PVC bag, draught fan is packaged with carton box.

Product Standard


Related Production Technology

Product’s inside and outside layers are been machine sewed, covered edge is reinforced by braid.

Our Service

1.Quality problem: three-year’s free repair of inflatable mode products, other fittings is not guaranteed. Return to factory for repair must use appointed express of our company, we will undertake the freight of returning to buyer within one month; beyond one month, buyers must responsible for all possible freight.
2.Non-quality problem: all inflatable mode shares free repair, but buyers must undertake all possible freight.
3.Changing or refunding: changing goods within one month must meet following condition:
Products not influences secondary sales; discount 20% of the product and pay the price difference(Alipay transfer or bank transfer); return the product by appointed express of our company; buyers must undertake all freights.
4.What is quality problem?
Inflatable mode types: breakage in suture caused by normal use, self cracking of inflatable cloth, dissymmetry caused by by-product distortion, larger product dimension error(error within 5% belongs to normal range).
Draught fan within 12 hours: no distortion and no burning, but draught fan doesn’t work, wind power too low caused by high-temperature. 
Conditions other than above situation does not count to quality problem. 


1. How many kinds of materials ?
We have two kinds of material, which are PVC and TPU. And they meet with standard CE/UL requirements.
2. Does the blowers and pumps meet standard requirements in different countries?
Yes, we have USA and EUROPEAN standard blowers and pumps.
3. Are all the products customized, what about the logo?
Yes, the size and color of our all products can be custom-made according to your requirement. So does the logo.
4. How to do the daily maintenance?
Use clean water and soap to clean the product when it is dirty.  
5. What about  the guarantee of the products?
We offer two-year quality guarantee. In case the products being punctured by any pointed staff, we will send the repairing kit along with the products. 


1.Use specialized cloth 0.9T1000D/PVC, good gas tightness and abrasive resistance, longer service life. Quality supervision bureau’s testing result shows that the PVC cloth is nonirritant and nontoxicity to our skin. As a professional inflatable cloth, it has the performance of excellent cold endurance and fire resistance.
2.Use high-quality gas check, which is convenient, safe and reliable.
3.All of the splice parts use high degree of adhesion glue, that has the property of high-temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and uvioresistant. The joint part’s fastness can be adequate assured even though put it under blazing sun for quite a long time.
4.High color fastness guarantee the cloth color can eternally renewed. 

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