SS Metal Flexible Hose with Thread

SS Metal Flexible Hose with Thread

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SS metal flexible hose with thread connect by thread and bolt, its drift diameter usually under 50mm and can stand higher working pressure. Flexible hose’s material and numbers of mesh grid can change relying on different medium, temperature and pressure.

Product Introduction:

SS metal flexible hose is a kind of flexible component used to deliver various medium which is constituted by outside layer of stainless steel bellows or multi-layer steel wire or steel belt net cover both ends with joints or flange joints. It has many advantages, such as good flexibility, anti-corrosion, anti-fatigue, high/low temperature change resistance, vibration decreasing and noise reduction, strong leakproofness, long service life. And the products are widely used in many fields, such as spinning, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical engineering, steel, fuel gas, air-conditioning, automobile, fire protection engineering, urban water supply, construction and metallurgical petrochemical.

Product Usages:

SS metal flexible hose is used to protect all kinds of device signal lines, transmission wire and cables, optical fiber and cables. Applying to four categories of products:
1.Wire protection tubes used in armoured cables, precision optical ruler, optical measuring instruments, medical instruments and machinery equipment.
2.The devices that needs wire safety protection like public telephone sets, remote water metering and magentic contacts.
3.All kinds of small wire protection tubes.
4.Network cable protection tubes used in computers and robots etc.

Product Feature:

1.Flexible pitches.
2.Good scalability, non-blocking and stiffness.
3.Light weight, good consistence caliber.
4.Good softness, repeated bending and flexibility.
5.Good corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
6.Rodent resistance and good wear resistance which means it can prevent the internal wire from wearing.
7.Flexing and strong tensile property and lateral pressure resistance.
8.Soft and smooth, easy to thread, install and position.

Product Advantages:                                                                                 

1.Bend  easily and easy to install.
2.It is able to bear corrosion resistance and heat resistance strongly,stainless steel materials can be used 
safely for years .
3.Outside is covered with stainless steel wire braided ,have high bearing capacity.
4.Applied to repeated motion region in high-temperature areas, good anti-fatigue
5.Size,diameter and length can be produced as customer's requirement.

Our Advantages:

Our company is a professional rubber joint manufactory, mainly producing various double-ball, three spherical and multi-sphere rubber joint and those for special usage which is adjustable, yoking and bend. And we have got the clients consistent approval. The rubber joint we produce has absorbed the successful experience of the similar products at abroad. On this basis, we research and develop a kind of pipeline equipment which is advanced on technique and convenient for installation and usage, especially, in respect of designing and making heavy caliber rubber joint. Our products has been at the absolute leading level in the domestic and overseas. Welcome International and national customers to order.

After-sales Service:

Sincerely thank you for choosing our products, and your choice is your trust and support to us. Therefore, we promise to all of our clients, as follows:
1.All the products we provide are designed according to the national standard, professional standard and enterprise standard. All of our products have a reliable performance and strong practicality.
2.We have well-equipped equipment for inspection and experiment. We have a strict requirement for the raw material. The whole process of manufacturing is conducted according to the manufacturing process of producing specialty devices.
3.On the condition of correct installation and regular maintenance, we assure you a warranty period of one year and “three guarantees” in warranty.
4.We welcome customers to come to our company for supervision on manufacture and acceptance inspection. We are here for your convenience.
5.After the expiry of the warranty, we provide the customers life-long maintenance, only charging cost price when replacing the standard component and seal element.
6.We will communicate with the customers regularly during the installation and testing period in order to grasp the running condition of our products. Our technicians will install the product for the customers and test till achieving customers’ satisfaction.
7.For the accidental breakdown during the running, we will give the customers a satisfactory answer and arrive on the scene in time.
8.We provide free life-long technical support. Since the products come into use, our customer service representative will call the customer asking for the product operation every half year and put on records.

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