Non-metallic Fabric
Non-metallic Fabric
Non-metallic Fabric
Non-metallic Fabric
Non-metallic Fabric
Non-metallic Fabric
Non-metallic Fabric

Non-metallic Fabric

  • BrandLanphan
  • ColorCustomized
  • OriginZhengzhou, Henan, China
  • Dielectric Constant3-3.2
  • Working Temperature-70℃-1000℃
  • Breakdown Voltage20-50KV/MM

Fabric is a kind of high-performance and multipurpose new composite material which is made by high temperature resistance, anti-corrosive and high strength fiberglass cloth that is calendered or dipped through organic silicon rubber.

Non-metallic Fabric
Product Description

Fabric takes fiberglass cloth as base cloth, manufactured by coating or calendering methods, it is a kind of high-performance and multipurpose new composite material which is made by high temperature resistance, anti-corrosive and high strength fiberglass cloth that is calendered or dipped through organic silicon rubber. Also called non-metallic fabric, steel wire strengthened temperature resistance silicone fabric, desulfurization ring, non-metallic fabric ring, etc. It is made form multiple-layer soft materials, has advantages of wide temperature resistance range, excellent high pressure resistant, corrosion resistance, flame resistance, suppleness, sound and shock absorption properties.

First application feature:

1.Used for temperature between -70℃ to 230℃.

2.Resistance of ozone, oxygen, light and weathering aging, excellent weather fastness in field, service life as long as 10 years.

3.High insulating property, dielectric constant is 3-3.2, breakdown voltage is 20-50KV/MM.

4.Good suppleness and elasticity, large skin friction.

5.Excellent chemical resistance property.

Second application feature:

1.Medium temperature in smoke and air duct reaches to 1000℃.

2.Long-term working temperature of outer layer fabric ≤250℃, short-term reaches to 350℃, installed fabric’s surface temperature ≤50℃(thermal insulation).

3.Bearable positive pressure ≤40000Pa.

4.Absorbable of three-dimensional displacement (gets 30%-40% of LO in effective length).

5.Produce high corrosion resistance, wear resistance and desulfuration expansion joints .

6.Exclusive import and export expansion joint s for gas turbine.

7.Smoke, air and pulverized coal pipeline, non-metallic expansion joints, rectangle non-metallic corrugated compensator.


Composition Type
Surface layer
silicone rubber fiberglass fabric
silicone rubber fiberglass fabric
silicone rubber fiberglass fabric
Second layer
wired fiberglass fabric
industrial canvas
 industrial canvas
Third layer
asbestos cord fabric
asbestos cord fabric
aluminum silicate fiberglass fabric
Fourth layer
PTFE foil
fiberglass blanket
asbestos fabric
Fifth layer
asbestos blanket
asbestos fabric
zirconium fiberglass blanket
Sixth layer
stainless steel wire mesh
wired fiberglass fabric
wired fiberglass fabric
Seventh layer
/  stainless steel wire mesh
stainless steel wire

Non-metallic Fabric

1.First layer: Silicone coated glass fabric    2.Second layer: PTFE foil   3.Third layer: Ceramic fiber  

4.Forth layer: Woven glass fabric   5.Fifth layer: Stainless 304 mesh  

Non-metallic Fabric

1. Compensate for thermal expansion: flexible connection of gas duct can compensate in multiple directions, greatly superior to metal expansion joints which can only single compensate.
2. Compensate for installation error: because in flexible connection of compensation gas duct process, system error is hard to avoid, flexible connection of high temperature gas duct better compensated installation error.
3. Eliminate noise and reduce vibration: fabric(silicone, etc.), heat preservation cotton has function of sound absorption, deliver across vibration, be able to reduce noise and vibration efficiently from boiler and draught fan systems.
4. No reaction thrust: since host materials is fabric, which has no power delivery. Flexible connection of gas duct can simplified design, avoid using big support and save a large amount of material and labor force.
5. Excellent high temperature and corrosion resistance properties: selected fluoroplastics, organosilicon material has superior high temperature and corrosion resistance properties.
6. Excellent sealing property: has comparatively perfect production and assemble system, flexible connection of gas duct guarantee no leakage.


1.Boiler factory 2.Cement factory
3.Steel plant, smelting furnace and incinerator 4.Thermal power plant and nuclear power station
5.Air supply system of air condition 6.Glass factory, mining industry
7.Petrochemical industry 8.Coal cleaning factory
9.Air blower factory 10.Aluminum factory and carbon factory

Comparing to traditional metal bellows, it avoided rigid force transmission when connecting, eliminated pipeline vibration, solved problems of ventilator compensation dosage and metal piece displacement. It can protect the ventilator in accidents, and has superiority in transportation, installation, cost and maintenance than metal bellows. Non-metallic fabric is divided into two kinds according to materials and features, one is silicone rubber fabric, the other is fluororubber fabric. Silicone rubber fabric is generally used in air duct fiber fabric compensator who has lower temperature resistance, after increased insulating layer, it is used in temperature ≤600℃. Fluororubber fabric is used in fabric compensator whose temperature resistance is lower than 1200℃ in extreme environment.



1.Do you accept custom-made?

We can customize fabric in all kinds thickness and dimensions.

2.What kind of payment term do you accept?

Normally we accept TT, Paypal, Western Union, Alibaba Escrow, and L/C. The exactly term with be discussed during the deal.

3.How will you delivery these goods?

It will be decided according to your quantity. Normally we will choose International Express, Air and sea.

4.How to package the products?

We package products in Non Fumigation standard wooden case or other main package methods.

customers packaging & shipping


1.Sufficient raw material storage satisfy multiple requirements from clients;

2.Professional production line strictly control the production process;

3.Efficient and trained operation team strictly control the date of delivery;

4.Professional quality testing staff, rigorous quality testing process guarantee the production quality;

5.Factory price, quality assured, obvious advantages.

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