Samba Balloon Ride
Samba Balloon Ride
Samba Balloon Ride
Samba Balloon Ride
Samba Balloon Ride
Samba Balloon Ride
Samba Balloon Ride

Samba Balloon Ride

  • BrandLanphan
  • Colormulticolor
  • OriginZhengzhou,Henan,China
  • Diameter 8m
  • Equipment Height4.8m
  • Voltage380W
  • Lifting Height 0.8-1.5/m
  • Occupation of Land φ10

Samba balloon ride is a newly designed amusement rides with the function of going up and down, revolution and rotation. Riders can control the cabin’s rotation by operating the turntable, it just like dancing samba.

Product Description

Henan Lanphan samba balloon rides is a newly designed amusement rides, main parts is welding by rolled steel, decoration parts as cabin and balloon is made from glass fiber reinforced plastics. Samba balloon rides is composed of colorful fire balloons and beautiful cabins, it’s more like the updated version of shaking flying rides, gathering rising and falling, revolution and rotation together, individual control of every cabin, passengers can operate by themselves to make it swing and up and down, since it likes dancing samba, that’s the reason why it is called Samba Balloon Rides.

Samba balloon rides is not only a new-type amusement rides, but also a large-scale amusement project, it is similar to space ship in parks, there are 8 big balloons in rotator, 8 cabins in underside, each cabin can load 2-4 people. When the rides is at work, all cockpits not only rotate along with the whole rides, but also go up and down because of shaking-head top, it just like dancing samba, so called samba balloon rides. Classic type of family rides in amusement parks, more suitable for whole family members to rides and spend happy time together.


Samba Balloon Rides Cabin Diameter Equipment Height Power Voltage Rotation Speed Number of People Lifting Height Occupation of Land
4-seat 4 8m 4.8m 7kw 380v 6rmp 4-16 0.8-1.5/m φ10
6-seat 6 8m 4.8m 8kw 380v 8rmp 6-24 0.8-1.5/m φ10
8-seat 8 8m 4.8m 8.5kw 380v 8rmp 8-32 0.8-1.5/m φ10

Product Details

Balloon-made from glass fiber reinforced plastics, light weight and corrosion resistant.

Cabin-made from glass fiber reinforced plastics, light weight, high hardness and hard to damage.

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

  1. By detailed market research, make feasibility analysis plan for client’s amusement project.
  2. Complete various new modeling design according to client requirements.

In-Sales Service

  1. After the client has chosen our company's products, signed a purchase and sales contracts, signing of the contract means taking into effect.
  2. If customers need to order our products, customers only need to pay 30% deposit, balance paid before delivery.
  3. After finished products has made, our company is responsible for contacting freight, transport costs borne by the customer.

After-Sales Service

  1. Our company's products will be committed to the implementation of "Three Guarantees."
  2. The warranty period is one year. Parts and labor costs will be charged a year later.
  3. Our service personnel will solve difficult problems for you timely, after receiving customer information, timely giving customer technical guidance.
  4. For matters can not provide technical advice or treatment in a timely manner, we will contact the customer within 24 hours and provide advice in accordance with the actual situation.
  5. Establish tracking service system, regularly visit customers every year, and developing the direction of the product based on customer needs.


  1. By which means can we purchase your products?
    You can buy our products by e-mail or other online contact methods.
  2. What is your payment term?
    Payment: 30% deposit, and pay the balance before shipment.
  3. Which payment term do you accept?
    Accepted payment term: T/T, L/C, Western Union, D/P, Paypal.
  4. Can you delivery goods within required time period?
    Our products are hot selling products in domestic and abroad, we have enough cooperative partner to deal with rush order, make sure you receive goods in fastest time.
  5. We don’t have qualified installation person, can you fix this?
    Yes, we can send you step by step installation images and videos, and arrange engineer to answer your installation question timely.

Packaging & Shipping

Lanphan samba balloon rides is packaged by bubble plastic film in the frame, then package it in wooden case to prevent from scratches.


  1. Lanphan samba balloons are cute and light, bright-colored.
  2. Owns a wide application range, with no limitation of height, weight and age.
  3. One-time investment, less intermediate fee, high return.
  4. Made from excellent rolled steel and standard fittings, durable in use and low failure rate.
  5. All glass steel products use car stoving varnish, surface is smooth and fine.
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