Luxury Carousel
Luxury Carousel
Luxury Carousel
Luxury Carousel
Luxury Carousel
Luxury Carousel
Luxury Carousel

Luxury Carousel

  • BrandLanphan
  • ColorCustomized
  • OriginZhengzhou, Henan, China
  • Voltage220/380V
  • Power500W-7.5KW
  • Diameter1.4-10m
The Carousels are the necessary amusement rides for every amusement park. Our company can provide all kinds of carousels with strong performance and affordable prices in all sizes for various amusement

Product Description

Luxury Carousel is a single vertical shaft type game machines with twist and downs, it is deigned after racing hall’s entertainment activities, upper of luxury carousel has colorful conical ceiling, colorful decoration board is around the ceiling, more luxurious, just like the gorgeous Race Course. There are running horses in the center of hall, after the device starts, horse racing race and forming a scene as passengers take part in a luxury horse racing competition, which is relaxed and happy! When we choose luxury carousel, it needs to note the following: Carousel overall shape; electrical motor selection, which is the core of whole carousel; transmission connecting rod design; material selection of horse rod ball cage; manufacturers qualifications; paint effect, it must be fresh, bright, light, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, only the car paint can achieve such an effect.

Product features of luxury carousel:

  1. The main part is made from steel, horses are made from fiberglass material, with environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance, good stability, can be customized according to site conditions;
  2. Newly design and unique mechanism, handsome in appearance. Coupled with the beautiful sounds of music, so that people play in both easy and enjoyable.
  3. Luxury carousel gathers entertainment, parent-child communication in one of the rides, full of romantic temperament and warm atmosphere.


Model Diameter Height Voltage Power Cabin Passenger
3 seats 1.4m 2.4m 220/380V 500W 3 3
6 seats 2.4m 2.5m 220/380V 500W 6 6
8 seats 4.5m 2.8m 220/380V 3KW 8 8
10 seats 5m 3.3m 220/380V 4KW 10 10
12 seats 5m 3.8m 220/380V 4KW 12 12
16 seats 6m 3m 220/380V 6KW 16 16
24 seats 7.5m 4.8m 220/380V 6KW 24 24
36 seats 10m 4.8m 220/380V 7.5KW 36 36
Note: The height of the carousel,configuration,all can be customised according to customer's site.

Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

  1. Through detailed market research for international fashion beacon for our customers to develop rides feasibility analysis plan.
  2. According to customer needs, select the most appropriate equipment.
  3. According to the specific needs of customers, complete various new styling designs.

In-Sales Service

  1. After the client has chosen our company's products, signed a purchase and sales contracts, signing of the contract means taking into effect.
  2. If customers need to order our products, customers only need to pay 30% deposit, balance paid before delivery.
  3. After finished products has made, our company is responsible for contacting freight, transport costs borne by the customer.

After-Sales Service

  1. Our company's products will be committed to the implementation of "Three Guarantees."
  2. The warranty period is one year. Parts and labor costs will be charged a year later.
  3. Our service personnel will solve difficult problems for you timely, after receiving customer information, timely giving customer technical guidance.
  4. For matters can not provide technical advice or treatment in a timely manner, we will contact the customer within 24 hours and provide advice in accordance with the actual situation.
  5. Establish tracking service system, regularly visit customers every year, and developing the direction of the product based on customer needs.


  1. What is your MOQ?
    Our MOQ is 1 set.
  2. What modeling do you have, do you accept customization?
    We have animal world, joyful series, Chinese Zodiac series modeling; we can accept other acceptable shape, color can custom-made.
  3. What is the difference between upper transmission carousel and under transmission Carousel?
    1) Upper transmission carousel is more stable than under drive;
    2) Upper transmission carousel’s turn plate is lower, under transmission carousel is higher, generally it needs a higher fixing platform.
  4. What's your delivery time?
    After receipt of payment, usually within 13 days.
  5. Do you have install and use manual when the goods leave the factory?
    Yes, according to your request,we have Chinese and English version product installation manual.
  6. What payment methods do you accept?
    Accepted payment term: T/T, L/C, Western Union, D/P, Paypal.
  7. Your warranty time?
    Expect the motor and control cabinet which is 12 months warranty period, we can provide life-long maintenance and technical guidance.


  1. Luxury carousel's steel is produced by international superior serging steel, stainless steel pipe, high quality rubber tires.
  2. The most important part of large carousel is motor, our carousel motor quality is excellent, too many tourists won't burn the motor;
  3. Beauty in appearance, complete in types, use all-steel rod bearing type horse Cage, durable without deformation;
  4. Durable in use, failure rate is low, all glass fiber reinforced plastics products adopt car dust-free paint, paint is smooth, bright, long-time lasting, not easy to fade;
  5. Luxury carousel owns careful manual work, safe and reliable, well received by customers at home and abroad.
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