Bellows Compensator
Bellows Compensator
Bellows Compensator
Bellows Compensator
Bellows Compensator
Bellows Compensator

Bellows Compensator

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Bellows compensator is made of metal bellows and components, mainly used to guarantee the pipe’s safe operation. It’s a kind of component which has the properties of flexibleness, thin-wall, crosswise corrugated and extensible.

Introduction of Metal bellows:

Metal car bellows expansion joint (they are also called compensators) are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement in pipelines, containers and machines. They consist of one or more metal car bellows expansion joint, connectors at both ends, and tie rods that depend on the application. They are differentiated according to the three basic types of movement: axial, angular and lateral expansion joints

Detailed product description:

1.Nonmetal expansion joint.
2.Absorbs thermal expansion and shock.
3.Compensates converting misalignment.
4.Metal expansion joints are used in a wide variety of piping application to compensate for thermal expansion or contraction and to absorb equipment vibration or pipe motions.
5.We manufacture single, two-ply and multiply testable bellows in different sizes using precision forming technology.
6.The bellow is made of stainless steel, whcih have good performance for extreme pressure, temperature and corrosive conditions.
7.Compensate axial movements.
8.Optimized design for fatigue resistnce and endurance.
9.Widely used to absorb termal expansion in pipe systems carring water, steam, oil and gases.
10.Stainless bellows compensators or expansion joints are designed according to the client's specifications ad design conditions.

Our Advantages:

Our company is a professional rubber joint manufactory, mainly producing various double-ball, three spherical and multi-sphere rubber joint and those for special usage which is adjustable, yoking and bend. And we have got the clients consistent approval. The rubber joint we produce has absorbed the successful experience of the similar products at abroad. On this basis, we research and develop a kind of pipeline equipment which is advanced on technique and convenient for installation and usage, especially, in respect of designing and making heavy caliber rubber joint. Our products has been at the absolute leading level in the domestic and overseas. Welcome International and national customers to order.

After-sales Service:

Sincerely thank you for choosing our products, and your choice is your trust and support to us. Therefore, we promise to all of our clients, as follows:
1.All the products we provide are designed according to the national standard, professional standard and enterprise standard. All of our products have a reliable performance and strong practicality.
2.We have well-equipped equipment for inspection and experiment. We have a strict requirement for the raw material. The whole process of manufacturing is conducted according to the manufacturing process of producing specialty devices.
3.On the condition of correct installation and regular maintenance, we assure you a warranty period of one year and “three guarantees” in warranty.
4.We welcome customers to come to our company for supervision on manufacture and acceptance inspection. We are here for your convenience.
5.After the expiry of the warranty, we provide the customers life-long maintenance, only charging cost price when replacing the standard component and seal element.
6.We will communicate with the customers regularly during the installation and testing period in order to grasp the running condition of our products. Our technicians will install the product for the customers and test till achieving customers’ satisfaction.
7.For the accidental breakdown during the running, we will give the customers a satisfactory answer and arrive on the scene in time.
8.We provide free life-long technical support. Since the products come into use, our customer service representative will call the customer asking for the product operation every half year and put on records.

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